All of our workshops run on an ad-hoc basis. At the time of booking you are free to choose the time and day of your workshop.

All of our workshops are booked through a specialist craft courses website for your added piece of mind and all courses offer an easy cancellation/rebooking option.

We run our workshops on weekdays, week day evenings and weekends.

We are also able to cater for parties, stag do’s, hen do’s and group events, please get in touch to find out more.

Acrylic skin paint pouring jewellery making for beginners – Make up to 10 pieces of one of a kind unique jewellery using the stained glass technique

The course will be split up into two 2 – 2.5 hour sessions. The first session will be the messy half!  Each person will be able to make two different acrylic skins using different colours.  The skins will require several days to completely dry.

The second session will take place once the acrylic skins have completely dried. You will learn how to turn your acrylic skins into beautiful, one off jewellery creations, with a choice of various necklaces, earrings, rings, keyrings etc.

£60 per person

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Make your own unique clock with acrylic paint pouring – Suitable for complete beginners

Within this session, I will demonstrate and talk you through various paint pouring techniques, including the straight pour, classic swipe, feather swipe and the chameleon pour – which works particularly well on clocks!

During this session, you will be given a slate clock which measures approximately 30 x 30cm. You can then choose one of the techniques that were previously demonstrate and create your very own unique, one of a kind acrylic pour clock!

Please note that the clock takes several days to dry so collection will be available approximately one week later. Clocks can also be posted to you for an additional postage charge.

£40 per person

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Wire wapping a crystal gem willow tree using a variety of semi precious stones

You will be able to choose from a variety of gem stones and we have various coloured wires to suit.

This is suitable for complete beginners (recommended from age approx 10+ however younger children with good manual dexterity skills would also be able to participate).

All mateials used in the making of the finished piece will be provided and at the end of the course you will have a stunning gem tree to take home with you.

£40 per person

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Polymer clay modelling workshop – make a fantasy dragon sculpture from polymer clay

You will have a choice of sculpting either a lying down dragon or a sitting up dragon. Sitting up dragons are easier to sculpt so are ideal for children or those with limited dexterity.

You will have a choice of colours, we have many different colours available in our workshop including some special effects polymer clays.

Your completed sculpture will be oven cured on the day and will be available to take home with you.

£30 per person

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3D Mandala Wall Hangings – Paint your own multi layered large 3D mandala wall hanging/plaque

You will paint and assemble all of the different layers using acrylic paints, both spray paints and tube paints with a wide range of different colours to choose from.

We have many different designs to choose from and they come in a range of different sizes. The plaques comprise of laser cut MDF.

This workshop will run for approx 2 – 2.5 hours which allows for drying time as each layer is painted seperately and then all assembled together at the end.

£50 per person

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Acrylic paint pouring – Learn the art of acrylic paint pouring using a variety of different techniquesn introduction to owning a laser cutter/engraver

During this 4 hour session you will learn the basics of paint pouring including how to mix your paints for different effects and then move on to exploring a variety of paint pouring techniques.

Enjoy the simplicity of this technique to create stunning one of a kind pieces and watch the amazing results form on top of your canvas.

You will be creating three beautiful unique canvases to adorn your walls as well as a slate wall clock. ​You will create two canvases approximately 20×20 cm and one canvas approximately 30×40 cm.

Your paint poured creations will be available for collection approx 5 days after the event. If you are unable to collect your canvases we will be happy to offer a postal service at a cost price of £4, payable on the day of the workshop.

PLEASE NOTE: Paint pouring is a messy activity and although aprons and washroom facilities are provided it is highly advisable to wear old clothes that you dont mind getting paint on.

£80 per person

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Full days diorama building course for action figures/war gamers

This course gives you a full days access to our diorama building studio in order to plan, engineer and create a large size diorama for action figures or wargaming.

We offer laser cutters, 3D printers, foam cutters, terrain materials, hand tools plus pro painting tools and all the associated materials.

By the end of the day you will have a full sized diorama or gaming terrain to be proud of.

£120 per person (lunch provided)

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Diorama building workshop – mini diorama for action figures

In this course you will build a mini diorama for your favourite action figure. You will be provided with a wooden shell and then use additional materials such as foam, laser cut wood and 3D printed parts to build and paint a stunning display piece for you favourite figure.

Facilities to aid the build include foam cutters, laser cutters, air brushes, hand tools etc.

Please if you are able to, bring a figure with you to aid the build

£25 per person

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Eco crafts – Upcycled textile rag wreath making

Join our creative workshop and create a beautiful wreath upcycling old clothes and fabric.

Rather than sending our old clothes and textiles to landfill when they are old, stained or just worn out, why not upcycle them into a beautiful piece of textile art which can be displayed all year round.

This workshop is perfect for upcycling your outgrown baby clothes and baby blankets, your favorite outfit that sadly is just too worn out to wear anymore or even old bedding and duvet covers.

Please note that ideal materials are cotton like materials, old t-shirts, light weight denims, etc. Thick fabrics and woolen items are not suitable for this craft.

Our pictured wreath is made from 1 blue dress, 1 beige skirt, 1 small lemon baby cot sheet and i lightweight scarf and there was plenty of fabric left over, this will give you an idea of what to bring along with you.

We will have plenty of additional material on hand if you need it, all from recycling sources.

£20 per person

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Wire wrapping tree of life pendant

During this workshop you will make a beautiful, unique and totally one of a kind tree of life pendant.

You will start by making the base of the pendant from a glass cabochon and a hand painted acrylic skin. (If you have ever completed one of our acrylic skin jewellery making courses you are welcome to bring along your own skin to make the cabachon base for your pendant).

You will then learn how to contruct the frame and bail of your pendant from coated copper wire before working on the construction of your tree. At the end of the workshop you will have stunning piece of statement jewellery to take home with you. Finished pendant measures approx 40mm x 60mm.

All resources and equipment will be provided. We have several different choices of acrylic skins and coloured wire to make your pendant.

PLEASE NOTE: Wire wrapping can be tough on the fingers and thumbs so may be unsuitable for some people.

£40 per person

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