Craftivities Casual Craft Club

Craftivities Casual Craft Club

Craftivities Casual Craft Club, also known as CCCC, is a craft club which can help crafters explore new opportunities and perhaps learn some new crafting skills and experiment more with their designs. We offer a friendly service and atmosphere which allows people to network with other crafters within the craft club and meet new people who all share a similar interest.

Craftivities Casual Craft Club (CCCC) offer sessions exclusively to the craft club every Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning. These sessions will each demonstrate different techniques and approaches to different types of craft, for example acrylic paint pours or felting. All of the materials for the particular course will be covered in the £10 session fee.

However, Craftivities Casual Craft Club (CCCC) is not only for crafters, we invite everybody to our craft club, whether you craft all the time or have never touched a paintbrush in your life! Each of our sessions come with a member of our team to guide you through the process so everybody will be doing it together and nobody will feel left out.

So why join or visit our Craftivities Casual Craft Club (CCCC)? The answer is simple, it comes with many benefits. These benefits include getting yourself out the house, including yourself in a social activity, making new friends,exploring the world of crafts as well as the many different types of craft. Also you will be able to have a look at what we have produced and perhaps spark a new interest and encourage you to try it out!

So why not join our Craftivities Casual Craft Club (CCCC)and lLet your creativity flow at Craftivities.

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