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About Us

Are you looking for somewhere to express your creativity? Or perhaps you are looking for a fun activity for your friends and family in a craft workshop. Or maybe you need to rent a craft space to help kickstart your business? 

Well you may wish to come and join us.  We are a family of committed black country crafters who earn a living from our craft.

We have been in business since 2015 and have seen our business outgrow our dining room and lead us to find premises, which has brought us to the wonderful Cradley Enterprise Centre where we have run our business since 2016, moving to bigger units until we finally settled where we are. 

And when the unit next door became avaialble during the last lockdown that gave us the opportunity to share our enthusiasm as Black Country Crafters with the wider community.

Over the years we have gathered equipment, some of which we use every day, other things that have sat gathering dust, and it makes sense for us to put it good use, allowing other black country crafters to share in our resources and perhaps make the first steps on a journey similar to ours.

We offer and affordable way to take your crafting out of the home and into a more proffessional (yet still fun!) environment and meet others on the same journey and maybe learn from some balck country crafters who have been there seen it and got the (sublimation printed) T-shirt!

We would be delighted to see you, have a chat and for you to see what we have to offer.

We look forward to welcoming you into our black country crafters community.